Into the workshop of Tianhe Light, Salt City Base Component, in the roar mechanical sound, hundreds of automated production equipment horsepower, and employees are running back and forth between the equipment and working in an orderly manner. At the 16GW high-efficiency solar cell production base, the AGV transport trolley is coming back to shuttle, annealing, backivation, and positive film. \”Our packaging workshop is automated, an average of one minute to produce two components. At present, the entire workshop is full of production status.\” Tianhe light energy Yancheng Base manufacturing workshop is responsible for the sea, \”all of our Tianhe people are gaining Production Festival, providing quality services, products, and solutions for customers around the world. \”Yancheng Tianhe Guojiao Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd. is the main business of solar technology research and development; manufacturing, installation; solar energy components and components, Sales, etc. Company shareholders are Tianshe Light Energy (Changzhou) Technology Co., Ltd., Yancheng National Energy Investment Co., Ltd. \”We have the main products of the Tianhe Light Energy Salt City Base, the main products of the components are the 210 single crystal PERC batteries and corresponding 210 components, and the photoelectric conversion efficiency of the battery has reached 23.25%, and the power of single-piece battery sheets. About 10.24W. Components At present, the main 210 power has three specifications. \”Xuan Xin, deputy general manager of Tianhe Light, Yancheng Base, said,\” Fight ‘open the door \”is the common struggle of all the company’s employees, Spring Festival During the period, the company’s various workshops is full, the order is sufficient, and the number of output value is expected to increase by 90% year-on-year. Xuan Xin said that this year’s market prospects are good, the new order is basically full, and the component plan will reach 4.3GW. The production and sales of battery packs will reach 19.05GW. The annual sales will approach 20 billion yuan, which is expected to achieve interest tax 2.3 billion yuan. Under the context of \”double carbon\”, Tianhe Yancheng base sales reached 9.3 billion yuan in 2021, annual battery The film output is 5.69 gW, and the component output is 3.15GW. The sales of Tianhe 210 high-power components account for more than 90%. At present, export products are mainly photovoltaic components, mainly sold to Asia Pacific Japan, Singapore, Europe, Germany, Switzerland Waiting, and South American Brazil and North America, Mexico and other countries.