On February 22, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, the Mayor Song Huam hosted the development promotion of the photovoltaic new energy industry chain development. Zhang Qiang, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, Zhang Qiang, deputy mayor Zheng Chuan, attended the meeting and comment. Song Huying pointed out that the photovoltaic new energy industry is a strategic emerging industry that has accelerated cultivation and development. All departments at all levels should deepen the important discussion of General Secretary Xi Jinping on the development of new energy industries, correctly understand and grasp the carbon Dharma carbon. The major opportunities, strengthen industry development policy research interpretation, through political, production, research, use all aspects, integrate talents, finance, land, and provide strong support to accelerate high quality development in industries. To promote the innovation and feature of intelligent photovoltaic industries, with the main line of structural reforms, to adapt to the development of new power systems, to build intelligent photovoltaic industrial ecosystems, and constantly adapt to market development needs, improve market competitiveness. Accelerate the high quality development of the city’s photovoltaic energy industry. Song Huying emphasized that it is necessary to firmly move the development of photovoltaic new energy industries into a market strategic pillar industry, strengthen the whole function of the full factor, and step by step, stage synchronous follow-up, ensuring that industrial development planning and chain projects are implemented, and promote The output value, market value, profit, technical level, etc. have steadily improved. It is necessary to unswervingly support the integrated development of photovoltaic industries, promote the integration of key links such as producers, integrators, and operators, and build the development pattern of the whole industry chain. It is necessary to unswervingly support the new energy industry to make up the chain, steadily develop the energy storage industry and enterprises, and the construction of the function is more perfect, and the elements gather more powerful modern industrial ecosystem. She encourages entrepreneurs, to strengthen their urgency, and do a big stronger to actively participate in competition, the photovoltaic new energy industry will strive to be the leading, manufacturing industry cluster of the city’s key manufacturing industry chain, strategic The leading stump industry faucet has made greater contributions to the city’s economic high quality development. At the meeting, the representatives of Jing Macao Technology, Light Solar, Ji Solar and other enterprises have suggested suggestions on the development of photovoltaic new energy industry in Xingtai City. Municipal Government Secretary General Zhang Lijun attended the meeting.