(NYSE: TKR, Timken Bearings, Inc.), located in booth W1228, is showcasing a number of innovative technologies and solutions for oil and gas field applications, including Timken® bars, Timken® tubes, value-added tube processing services, and a new large-size bar forging process to customers and industry partners.
Timken is a global industrial technology leader in the design and development of mechanical components and high-performance steels. Timken combines scientific principles, supply chain expertise and operational strengths to deliver high-value solutions to its customers. The company provides pure and seamless mechanical steel tubes and pipes, producing more than 450 grades of carbon and alloy steels annually for a wide range of applications in the oilfield, bearings, automotive components and industrial applications. The company can also develop steel grades to meet customer requirements and is one of the world’s most widely available alloy steel manufacturers.
In shale wells, horizontal drilling may exceed 3,048 meters and pass through many different formations and environments. Timken’s high-performance steels on display are ideal for many horizontal drilling applications, including drill bits, fracture completion systems, packers, short joints, rotary joints and wellhead devices. Among them, Timken® tubing for weighted drill pipe helps increase the strength and durability of weighted drill pipe, while Timken® steel for the stator tube in the power section of screw drilling tools provides reliable hardness and impact strength to handle the torque and high pressures used to pump drilling fluids. Timken’s steel products provide the highest strength and toughness for demanding applications with a balance of mechanical properties, chemical properties and form factor.
At the exhibition, Timken’s latest investment in a new large bar forging and rolling process drew a lot of interest from visitors. The process features a new in-line forging press that applies 3,000 tons of uniform pressure to the ingot to achieve significant improvements in the core quality and strength of large bars, resulting in better control of bar shape and size and improved bar consistency and dimensional accuracy. Timken® forged bars are used in crankshafts, drill collars, large gears, large shafts, lift rods, bearing housings, rotary joints, tooth wheel bits and other drilling tools. In addition, Timken showcased its industry-leading deep hole drilling and finishing services from its deep hole drilling centers, an ideal one-stop solution for customers to source high-quality steel and value-added machining expertise.
“Timken understands the needs of our customers. We are committed to helping our customers continuously improve product performance and reliability while reducing overall costs by applying our materials science and process expertise and innovative technologies.” Ms. Qijing Yao, General Manager of Timken’s steel business in China, said, “In China, we have an experienced local technical team to provide professional and timely technical support to our customers in China and other parts of Asia. The company’s steel warehousing center in Shanghai’s Jiading District provides local customers with the products and services they need in a timely manner.”
In addition to advanced steel solutions, Timken is showcasing innovative bearing solutions for oil and gas field applications, including tapered roller bearings, spherical roller bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, thrust tapered roller bearings and more. components. The company can also design and manufacture bearings for all locations in oil and gas fields and drilling rigs to meet customer needs. Timken’s strengths in the steel and bearing industries complement each other to serve oil and gas field customers with even greater strength.