On February 23, PVinfolink released this week’s Solve supply chain prices. Price Description PV Infolink’s spot price main reference exceeds 100 manufacturers. Mainly take the most frequently translated \”critical\” data in the market as average price (not weighted average), but it is slightly fine-tuning every week according to the market atmosphere. In the spot price information, the price of the renminbi is quoted in China, while the price of the US dollar shows the overseas price of non-Middle Country, not the renminbi direct conversion dollar. Polycrystalline silicon wafer publicity prices mainly target specifications of 157mm size, 175 μm thickness, and subsequent market changes as appropriate. Single crystal silicon wafer price 158.75, 166, 182 mm single crystal silicon wafer price is 165 μm thickness, and 210 mm is 160 μm thickness. Frame prices are converted according to the formula. The number of watts of components is 166 components of the wattage of 365-375 / 440-450W. The 182 component wattage is 535W-545W, and the number of watts of 10,000 watts is 540W-550W. Component prices have considered an earlier order and delivery cycle because of the original single crystal PERC overseas component, which will have a more lag in the price changes faster. If you need to understand the stock price, you can also refer to the \u0026 quot; high price \”field. The average price of domestic components is mainly due to the price of the week, the main statistics are mainly based on the price of one-line manufacturer, and the high price will be distributed. The project is mainly, and the low price will reflect the price of the second-line manufacturers. 11/16 US 201 tax rate adjustment to 15%, and double-sided components exempt the 201 tax rate, due to the change in tax rate, the price of the United States is fought with FOB quotation (excluding tax And shipping). India price does not contain tariffs for FOB quotation.