American Clean Power Association released a report this week, last year, Texas leads the new renewable energy projects in the country. This trend is very promising for a highly dependent on fossil energy. In 2021, Texas has newly installed 7352 MW wind energy, solar and energy installation projects, which has greatly exceeded California installed 2697 MW storage projects, while Oklahoma, Florida and New Mexico. Thereafter. The storage capacity of Texas is in the construction phase or the senior development phase has surpassed other states, reaching nearly 20,000 Spanwats, followed by California, nearly 140,000 Sponsored. Texas’s renewable energy usage is gradually increased, which is not only to reduce the impact of climate change, and the development cost of renewable energy such as solar energy and wind energy is low. For decades, the Republican parties have been supervising Texas’s energy sector. The state fossil fuel consumption is still ranked 10th in the country, because nearly 90% of the state from the fossil fuel, only about 7% come from renewable energy. Texas avoids federal supervision by building their own grids, and this power grid is almost cut off with other parts of the country. In a winter storm in 2021, the extension of electricity demand and the utility plant were frozen, causing the state power system to collapse, and then the energy prices rose, which triggered the most serious power outage in the state for decades. During the State Grid Fault, Greg ABBOTT and other conservative party leaders mistakenly blamed the power outages on renewable energy such as wind and solar energy. However, most power outages are due to limited natural gas production and freezing of natural gas, coal and nuclear facilities, and is not from solar and wind failures. According to data from the US Energy Information Administration, despite the continuous growth of renewable energy investment, the energy of fossil fuel production still accounts for more than 80% of the total US total consumption. The US Clean Energy Association reported that the United States installed 27773 MW wind energy, solar and energy storage equipment last year, fell by 3% from the previous year. Cumulative wind energy, solar and energy storage capacity reaches 200,000 megabytes. Compared with last year, the solar power generation increased by 19%, and the energy storage increased by 196%, and the wind energy reduced by 25%. The CEO of the United States Clean Energy Association, said in a statement that \”clean energy generation of more than 200 giga is an important milestone for the United States, indicating that we can be in public policy. Great achievements under the support of the industry. \”Zehal said,\” Although the achievements of the United States have achieved incredible, we must realize the climate objectives and indicators needed by our country, but also needs to be faster Do more work. \”The House Democrats recently appealed to US President Biden to continue to advance the $ 555 billion in climate and clean energy investment through the House of Representatives as part of the \”Build Back Better ACT).RHODIUM Group said that the part of the bill of climate issues is the biggest investment in the federal government in the field of clean energy, which will help the United States basically achieve the commitment of Biden, that is, 2030Reduces the emissions by half of the level in 2005.