SPI Solar plans to use the existing production line of the former Sunergy PV solar power plant in California to produce solar panels, increase production capacity in the third quarter to 1.1GW. Picture: Solarjuice Solar Bank and Electric Vehicle (EV) Solution Provider SPI Energy Co. Solarjuice Technology has signed an agreement, which will be upgraded using cutting-edge technology in mid-May to upgrade its manufacturing plant in California Sacramento, and it is expected to expand capacity from current 200MW to 1GW in the third quarter. After Sunergy In 2021, the SPI obtained the existing rental of its 140,000 square feet of manufacturing factories in accordance with Chapter 11 of the US Bankruptcy Law. Mr. Peng Xiaofeng, Chairman and CEO of SPI Energy, said: \”This most advanced solar component manufacturing plant, combined with California high-skilled workers and machines to machine connectivity, will will realize high-precision automation and continuous improvement of photovoltaic components. Founded in 2006, SPI Energy Co., Ltd. has three core business: Solarjuice’s residential solar business, the commercial and utility solar business of Solarjuice and Orange Power, and EDISONFUTURE / PHOENIX MOTOR electric vehicle business. Solarjuice is a renewable energy system solution leader in residential and small commercial markets, and is widely carried out in the Asia Pacific and North American markets.