Saudi Solar Technology Corporation and the German Industrial Group Siemens have established joint ventures, developing and investing more than 1 watts of solar and intelligent infrastructure in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Desert Technology Company (February 21) said that this joint venture called Capton Energy will invest in existing and new solar power generation projects in Dubai headquarters, with power generation between 20 MW to 100 MW. The joint business is a CEO of Umer Ahmad from Energy and Infrastructure Financing Experts. Ahmad said in the statement that the company has been investing in a series of solar themes and is launching the first financing to gradually discuss. Caption Energy will be based on the technical and expertise of partners in solar power plant development. Headquartered in Jedda’s desert technology company is a solar developer, EPC and O \u0026 AMP; M contractors, there are more than 40 records that have completed solar projects in 22 countries. At its headquarters, the company has a 110 MW solar panel manufacturer. The joint venture was launched on Monday.