On February 22, Roth capital said in a industry report that the container filled with hundreds of MW Lunder solar components detained by the United States has been released. In addition, the most of which is the most detained photovoltaic product has been released. These photovoltaic components were initially detained with the detain (WRO) of the Six Silicon-Industrial Silicon-based product, and the US Customs and Border Patrol considered the two Chinese photovoltaic enterprise components during the investigation of the two Chinese photovoltaic enterprise components. Roth believes that Roena may still have more detainable products, and the possibility of continuing release is still uncertain. According to the industry, the release of the batch component is \”to release more products to the urgent needed photovoltaic module to release more products\”, but whether the US customs will release more Rong Ji products remain to be determined. Roth believes that this month is carried out in the case of Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Vietnam. This incident leads to whether Long Ji and Tianhe Light can restart the Southeast Asian factory and export the United States has had a negative impact. One of the recent petitioners of the signator of the recent petition said that Chinese manufacturers are transporting batteries to the country to avoid solar tariffs that have always been present since 2012. Roth said that in this case, all PV products from four Southeast Asian countries may be levied. Unlike previous petitions, this petition requires the US Customs for exports from the Southeast Asian countries, rather than for specific enterprise exports. This new petition supplements that Chinese companies are moving to China to deal with tariffs. From a historical point of view, Cambodia’s contribution to all C-Si modules in the United States is less than 3%. Roth also pointed out that the bill will ban any products imported from Xinjiang, China unless it is determined that these products have nothing to do with forced labor. At present, how the bill is implemented, there is still an uncertainty, which will increase rubber and Tiantian light to reconstruct production and logistics in the US PV market.