\”Sunshine, you can generate electricity, increase the collective economic income of the village, bring more benefits to the villagers.\” February 10th, the sun shines on a piece of photovoltaic power board, Wuqi County Bayuku Rudi Town Bayuku Wang Chunchun, secretary of the Ludi Village Party Branch, was pleased. On the high land in the northeast village committee, 1404 single crystal silicon solar panels are neatly arranged. In order to develop the photovoltaic energy, develop the Chaoyang industry. In 2019, China Huadian Group putted 3.5 million yuan to build a photovoltaic power station in Bayuku. Wang Chunguang introduced to the reporter that the use of solar DC electrodes into AC power, and then transported grid after boiling through the transformer, sold to the state grid, the country’s acquisition price is 0.25 yuan / degree, and then according to the standard of 0.5 yuan / degree, each hair One level can be incorporated by 0.75 yuan, and it has brought about 750,000 yuan in the village collective economy in 2021. \”The photovoltaic project belongs to the clean energy, low carbon environmental protection, and the economic benefits are stable.\” Wang Chunguang said. After the college students in the village, Haniemi Qiami graduate, I chose to stay in my hometown and came to the photovoltaic power station to do basic maintenance, with an income of about 3,000 yuan per month. You can take care of your family while working. In order to give full play to the basic role of the photovoltaic power station in consolidating the expansion of the poverty, the basic role of the effective connection of the rural revitalization, the power generation income of the photovoltaic power station will issue a subsidy of each household for the priority, and the income of the villager is engaged in public welfare jobs. On time distribution. Another part of the revenue is used in the village’s self-contained water, road bridges, flood control, sports culture, greening, street lamps, security and other engineering and facilities, environmental sanitation. Talking about the new year’s development plan, Wang Chunguang said: \”Will use the photovoltaic power station income to provide 3,000 yuan to help funds per year, and provide at least 15 public welfare positions. Support forest fruit industry, fishery farming, etc. Entity industry, supporting cooperatives or small companies contracting village infrastructure upgrades, villages village improvement, etc. Huimin project, improve the villagers’ feelings, happiness. \”