According to Reuters, the LG Electronics is exiting the global solar panel business.This decision was approved by the LG Board of Directors on February 22 to fully review the increase in materials and logistics costs and the impact of the solar business.In January 2021, according to Japanese media news, Panasonic will exit the production of solar cells and solar panels in 20022.The news pointed out that in the price competition with Chinese manufacturers, Panasonic solar cell production costs do not have advantages, decided to withdraw from 2022.

Standing in the intersection of the new old kinetic energy conversion, left or right, all from the photovoltaic track. With the rise of global green economy, how to get more green energy into the core issues of everyone’s attention. 2030 carbon Dhame, 2060 carbon, this is the commitment of China to the world. It is benefited from the landing of this goal, after 20 years of floating China’s photovoltaic industry chain, began to rise, becoming a key area of \u200b\u200bthe big country competition. From the state to local government departments, the relevant policies have been introduced, and the photovoltaic concept of the A-share market, the integrated index of the photovoltaic building is constantly high, and the stock price of photovoltaic listed companies also sequentially stands on the historical high. Diamatics data show that in recent years, my country’s photovoltaic related enterprises (all enterprise states) have continued to grow, and there are currently more than 41,000 photovoltaic related companies, nearly 29% of which have a registered capital of more than 10 million yuan. From the region, Shandong photovoltaic related enterprises have a national residence, including more than 62,000 households. Image Source: Pixabay Shandong Solar resources are rich, with sufficient illumination, the average number of photosensitance hours is 2099 to 2,813 hours, can be developed with total amount of more than 10 million tons, large scale, high ratio, high quality, marketization The photovoltaic advantage is unique. Since 2014, as the state’s photovoltaic power generation is advanced by the development of the West China, the photovoltaic power generation in Shandong Province has begun to show an explosive growth. The photovoltaic industry has entered the \”industrial chain\” high-quality development period according to the national energy bureau data, in 2021 domestic photovoltaic addresses, 53GW, which increased by approximately 29GW, about 29GW, about 55% of the new photovoltaic power generation, history Break through 50% for the first time. In the early years, it is subject to technical restrictions, and the cost of photovoltaic power generation is too high, and it is not economical in the application. However, accompanying the rapid iteration of technology and the industrial upgrade, the cost of electricity of photovoltaic has dropped from 2.47 yuan / degrees, dropped to 0.37 yuan / degrees, decreased by 85%, and fully entered the photovoltaic \”parity era\”. Upstream of the industrial chain, there have been many urban development space in many cities to speed up the layout. Xi’an is the maste number of single crystal silicon in the country and the main origin of single crystal silicon wafers, with a relatively complete solar photovoltaic full-industry chain. In 2018, Xi’an released the \”Implementation Opinions on Promoting the Sustainable Health Development of the PV industry\”, proposed to actively introduce photovoltaic projects, extend the photovoltaic industry chain, encourage the multi-merger and reorganization of photovoltaic enterprises, promote the production and cooperation between the industry chain related enterprises; Since then, the photovoltaic industry It also writes in \”Xi’an Modern Industrial Layout Plan\”. In addition, the advantage of China and Europe has covered 45 countries and regions of \”One Belt Road\”, with the convenient conditions of \”walking out, transported in\” on the solar photovoltaic industry chain, with high-tech district, District, space base, Xixian new district, gradually formed by the PV industry cluster of the pattern. In recent years, Jiangsu photovoltaic industry has developed rapidly in the two fields of \”going out\” and distributed photovoltaic, forming a complete photovoltaic industry chain from silicon extraction, silicon ingot preparation, battery production to system, not only concentrated in the country More than half of the focus photoManufacturing companies also boost include a series of energy industries in the domestic photovoltaic module, and a series of energy industries in photovoltaic parity. At the same time, Jiangsu photovoltaic industry has also been transformed from the scale to high quality development, whether it is complementary, or photovoltaic + agriculture, photovoltaic + storage capacity, photovoltaic + traffic, photovoltaic + architecture, and integrates the co-development of other industries. Image Source: Pixabay Shandong Photovoltaic power market prospects clear in September 2018, in the Shandong Provincial People’s Government issued by the Shandong New Energy Industry Development Plan (2018-2028), planning to cover smart grid and energy storage, heat pump, Solar energy, wind energy, biomass energy, hydrogen energy, burning, marine energy, etc. development path. In the solar industry, it is clearly pointed out that based on the existing solar resources and industrial foundation, play the leading role of the backbone enterprises such as Jinan, Qingdao, and adhere to the photovoltaic industry and the photothermal industry together, adhere to centralized, distributed combination, actively promote \”Photovolta +\” integrated development and utilization, continuously optimizing photovoltaic power development model, improves photovoltaic power generation quality and benefits. In recent years, Shandong has anchored the \”3060\” strategic goal, focusing on the core task of \”development green energy, helping kinetic energy can be converted\”, vigorously implement the \”four-to-two decreases and one improvement\” project, renewable energy is booming, and the photovoltaic power generation is awkward. As of October 2021, the province’s new energy and renewable energy generated power installed high reached 54667,000 kilowatts, a year-on-year increase of 33.1%, accounting for 32.9% of the power assembly machine, an increase of 4.7 percentage points. Among them, photovoltaic power generation, biomass power drop-machine reached 28.68 million kilowatts, 4 million kilowatts, all in the country. From the ground to the roof, from terns to the water, the mode and form of photovoltaic power station construction is constantly innovating. In the planning of Shandong Jining Leader Project, \”Water Floating Power Station\” has become mainstream, here is the ecological environment of the coal depression area, develop anti-season agricultural planting projects, combined with brackets, floats, components and other photovoltaic accessories, implementation The complementary development of fishing light, achieving economic interests and environmental interests and winning, and has become a complementary demonstration project of \”photovoltaic + agriculture\” and \”photovoltaic + fisheries\” in Shandong Province. In Shandong Gaomi, the \”rural complementary\” photovoltaic power station of Xingren Guanzhuang Village is constantly converting the sun source into clean electric energy, and the power station is built in accordance with the model and concept of \”planting, plants under the shed, rural lighting\”. In the gap between the front and rear rows of the photovoltaic assembly, in the photovoltaic assembly, planting gold and silver flowers, Danshen Chinese herbal medicine, breeding goose, goat poultry, and above the photovoltaic board power generation, implementation of \”agricultural complementation\” three-dimensional agricultural production model , Make the land to achieve maximum output. Since June 30, 2017, the accumulated power generation is 7,7361,200 kilowatts. It can save 7674.31 tons of standard coal per year, and the emissions of nitrogen oxides are reduced by about 53.72 tons, and the carbon dioxide is approximately 199,818 tons. Similar \”photovoltaic +\” new pattern power station has a lot in Shandong. As a local implementation of precisionOne of the important initiatives of poverty, accurate poverty reduction As of the end of 2020, the province’s accumulated photovoltaic poverty alleviation stations included in the national catalog, 9417 projects, 328,000 poverty, distributed in 146 counties (districts, ribs). Expanding the \”photovoltaic +\” connotation, except for the traditional roof distributed photovoltaic, \”photovoltaic + fisheries\”, \”photovoltaic + agriculture\”, \”photovoltaic + traffic\”, \”photovoltaic + building exterior wall\”, such as photovoltaic application. Image Source: Pixabay In addition to integration development, precise poverty alleviation, thousands of kW-scale wind power photovoltaics is also rising in Qilu. In October 202, the national large wind power photovoltaic base and Lu Bei salt alkali beach were coated. The first batch of 2 million kilowatts centralized photovoltaic power generation project was held in Weifang, Shandong. It is reported that it is expected to achieve 26 billion kilowatts after delivery, and the year can replace 820,000 tons of standard coal, and 2.13 million tons of carbon dioxide is reduced. Unlike traditional photovoltaic power plants, Lu Bei salt alkali beach is coated with a thousand kilowattery wind storage integrated base, tailor-made \”green light integration\” \”salt\”, \”fishing light complementary\”, \”photovoltaic +\” project The land utilization rate is greatly improved, and the yield of the yield, providing typical leading and demonstration support for accelerating \”3060\” target implementation. The first batch of projects use three-dimensional digital design, with large data, cloud computing, 5G communication and other information technology, with the drone inspection system, automatic cleaning system, intelligent fault self-diagnosis system and other smart equipment, project bases can be implemented. Unattended duty, a small person is worth watching, smart. In the construction project, the slag field is online. The photovoltaic power generation project is adopted \”green light integration\” mode, innovation implements the comprehensive management of \”dam chalcoity green, farming grass, grass power generation\”, will do tens of meters high abandoned slag Renovated to \”Optical Qingshan\”, build a large centralized photovoltaic power station integrated with green power generation, ecological sightseeing, and new energy science, can drive more than 2,000 employment positions such as traffic, tourism, catering, and achieve ecological governance and economic benefits. Double harvest. Through the \”Salt Multi-Mutual Complementary\” mode, the integrated set-oriented photovoltaic power station, which is integrated, the salt, salt, and energy storage can provide 1.3 billion kWh of green electricity, saving 350,000 tons of coal, and adding more than 90,000 carbon dioxide. Ton. Shouguanghou Town, Shekou Gaosheng uses \”fishing light complementary\” model, through \”water-surface photovoltaic power generation, underwater fishery farming\”, the yield of the yield is approximately three times, and the rural areas are fully revitalized. It can be foreseeable that with the continuous advancement of Shandong new and old kinetic energy conversion, the improvement of urban infrastructure construction and the continuous upgrade of business environment, the photovoltaic industry is becoming another strong growth of Shandong’s economic development, providing the development of the national photovoltaic industry \” Shandong model.