Japan Seiko (NSK) will increase production of wind power ball third place. The company plans to invest about 4 billion yen in 2 years to set up the core device – shaft rotation for speed increasers, etc. The demand for bearings for wind turbines is expanding, and there are only about 5 suppliers, including the company, in the world.

The company will enhance production facilities to improve supply capacity, and strive to increase the global share from the current 10% to 30% in 2011. The wind turbine uses a speed increaser to increase the rotation of the blades at Fujisawa’s second plant, which is equipped with bearings for generators. The speed of the design section is transferred to the generator to generate electricity. In the field of bearings for speed increasers, the company ranks after SKF of Sweden, the largest manufacturer in the bearing field, and Schaeffler of Germany, the second largest manufacturer, as a fully equipped production facility for wind turbines.

Taking the opportunity of strengthening, it will also start the formal production of bearings configured for blades mainly at present can meet the quality requirements in various aspects such as durability, including NTN (NTN), there are only five companies. In the case of customers have asked to increase production, NIPPON SEIKO decided to take reinforcement measures. The production facilities of the Cheng, which will be started at Fujisawa Plant (Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture) and at a different location in Fujisawa City in January ’08. The main bearing with a diameter of nearly 1 meter. Will establish a comprehensive supply system of bearings for wind turbines to increase the order volume.