In the first spring, the ridicits of the margins of Mao Suisha have been lively. It is located in Ningxia, Ningdong, Ningdong, and the workers are set up a row of blue photovoltaic boards. In the near future, there will be a large \”photovoltaic + ecological management\” power station, covering an area of \u200b\u200b60,000 mu, which will enable the Coal Sedimentation Area to become \”Green Wealth\”. National Energy Group Ningxia Electric Power Company 200,000 kilowat photovoltaic project is one of the first batch of large wind power photovoltaic base projects in my country. It will achieve full capacity production next year. As a green power point of \”West Electronics\”, after the completion of the project, it will deliver 37 billion green electric energy for East China, Zhejiang, and reduce the carbon dioxide emissions from 3.1 million tons. \”This area is once a mining area of \u200b\u200bthree mining areas, a shelf area, an induspension area and a wild mountain, and it is also a high-level solar resource enrich area. We have to build a photovoltaic power station due to local conditions, which is to make full use of land resources and Light resources, while reducing the water-saving evaporation while sending ‘green electric’, improve the water storage rate and vegetation growth rate of mine land and vegetation growth rate, and effectively improve the ecological environment. The reporter saw at the scene, \”Blue Ocean\” is quickly covered with this wasteland. \”Our area has completed installation and commissioning. During the Spring Festival, workers were still working overtime, which was to ensure the task of being put into production at the end of this year.\” Zhao Bo pointed to a large picture. The \”photovoltaic + ecological\” development model will promote the accelerated green butterfly in the past. \”We have to plant ecological crops such as sorghum, alfalfa and other ecological crops in areas, combined with local ecological environment characteristics.\” Chen Liang, general manager of Guo Can Ningxia Power New Energy Branch, \” On board power generation, underground planting, weaning, water resources, comprehensive utilization of water resources, carry out ecological governance of photovoltaic, windproof, solid grass, coal mining area, realize new energy and ecology Fusion development. Ningxia is the first new energy integrated exemplary area in my country, and it is also one of the important fees of \”West Electronics\”. In order to expand new energy amazing capabilities, Ningxia has implemented new energy and thermal power \”bundle\” in nationwide, and becomes the first venting and photovoltaic power generation exceeding regional full-scale electricity load.