According to the website news of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, in 2021, the national PV industry was overall, and the \”14th Five-Year Plan\” is a good start.In 2021, the application of photovoltaic markets continued to expand, and China’s photovoltaic products exported more than $ 28.4 billion.The whole industry has achieved steady growth.The national photovoltaic industry chain supply chain is generally safe and stable, the annual polysilicon, silicon wafer, battery, and component yields reached 505,000 tons, 227GW, 198GW, 182GW, an increase of 27.5%, 40.6%, 46.9%, 46.1%.

According to British analysis, GlobalData predicts due to new logistics problems after new crown (not polysilicon shortage problems), residential and commercial roof solar panels to return to prices in the price. Picture: Perfect Solar Power From a weekly food purchase to a desktop game, consumers receive inflation alerts every day. London Analysis company GlobalData said that roof solar panels are no exception. Since 2020, the new crown epidemic and its joint effect on the global supply chain has ended the trend of the cost price of battery boards over the years. A report released today today pointed out that on the rooftop solar components: \”It is expected that the cost of 2022 will be moderately rising.\” Interestingly, the company is published \”2021 roof solar photovoltaic (PV) market – as of 2030 The design of the global market size, market share, main trend and key national analysis is not pointed out in the cause of the price of polycrystalline silicon in the last year constitutes the price of assembly. GlobalData Electric Analytics Attaurrahman Ojindaram Saibasan emphasized that the supply chain problem after the new championship has reduced the number of solar cells and components that can be transported, while the shortage of workers caused by travel restrictions related to the epidemic also caused the shipping delay. GlobalData said that 10-12 340W of solar panels based on 1200 square feet of houses, the cost of roof arrays fell $ 600-900 per year, from 2014 to $ 2020 new crown epidemic to let the world fall back $ 4550 at the time of state. GlobalData said that compared to the price of a roof system last year, the price of a roof system rebounded, reaching the highest level since 2018, and this upward trend is expected to be reversed this year. The analysis company said that even if the roof solar price is down again, the cost of the rest of the 10 years will only decline with the cost of the component, the expansion of the output and the progress of the battery board technology are \”gradually\” decline. Studies have shown that about one-third of the 2020 global roof solar system for residential, two-thirds for commercial and industrial arrays, and China accounts for 12.4% of the power generation capacity of nearly 249GW roof solar panels at the end of the year. GlobalData pointed out that this contribution makes Asia account for 53.5% of the world’s roof solar panels at the end of 2020, while Europe and the Americas are 29.1% and 13.6%, respectively.