According to reports: Zhangjiakou is the host city of this Olympic ski project, and its renewable energy capacity exceeds most countries in the world. According to the organizers, since the preparations for 2011, the preparations for the Olympics will begin to the end of the Olympics, and each venue will take about 400 GW (GWH) electricity, which is equivalent to about 180,000 households in China. The organizer did not simply purchase the green certificate of renewable electricity through the trading mechanism, but using the Olympic Games opened a dedicated renewable energy grid. In order to achieve 100% renewable power objectives, the organizer uses the \”green power transaction\” mechanism of cross-regions. On the trading platform, the Olympic power demand is prioritized, and the venues can purchase renewable electricity at a lower price. State Grid Beijing Company manages renewable energy power transactions for the Olympic Games. These electric power mainly from 11 winds and solar power companies from Zhangjiakou, and the Winter Olympics accelerate the construction of Zhangbei renewable energy flexible DC grid. Beijing 2022 Olympic Games relies on the new infrastructure of Zhangjiakou City. This is a $ 2 billion project, which started in June 2020, used to distribute wind energy and solar energy, and modulate the output by pumping energy. Zhangjiakou’s wind power and solar installed installed, installed capacity reached 23.4GW, including 16.4GW wind power and 7.0GW solar energy. If Zhangjiakou is a country, its wind energy and solar head-loaded machine capacity will be placed in the world, as shown in the following figure, second only to Brazil, but leading to Vietnam.