Huaqiao Village, Pingli Town, Tuenmen County is located in the west of Weinan, a village in a deep mountain. In 2014, one of the 31 poor villages in the county was listed in 2017. The village group has jurisdiction over ten village groups, with 373 households, 1365 people, and dispersion. Huaqiao Village is mainly from Huaqiao black tea, rapeseed oil processing, wood processing plants, photovoltaic, etc. for economic income. In June 2017, Huachang Village used project funds to establish a period of 460,000 PM Power Station. In August 2017, the project fund was used to establish a second phase of the village-level photovoltaic power station. Since 2021, the Washing Town of Huachang Town, Qimen County has a strongly starting the photovoltaic industry as a strongly engaged in the effective connection of the village to consolidate the effectiveness of the poverty and the village revitalization. Planning, combined with the village environment rectification labor expenditure, to ensure that 60% of the annual photovoltaic poverty alleviation revenue is used in the wages of the poor to undertake public welfare positions and participate in the labor costs of the village public welfare undertakings. Huaqia Village is actually adjusted by the village to the village photovoltaic public welfare position, set up the poor, marginal public welfare position and temporary public welfare position, arrange public welfare positions and temporary public welfare positions, and issued a labor payment of 141 million yuan, and the village Level small public welfare career 17,300 yuan. In 2021, the second phase of the Phase II Phase II for the first phase of Huashi Village was put into operation, with an annual income of more than 40,000 yuan. \”With photovoltaic power generation, there is a fixed economic income in the village, so that the waist rods in the village are hard. At the same time, arrange some public welfare positions to deplete poor, and achieve income, and develop small public welfare undertakings in villages, and achieve road hardening, and facilitate villagers. Travel. \”Zheng Xing, secretary of the party branch of the village committee, and the director of the village committee.