Recently, Nanhua Town Nanhu Village \”Rainbow Charging Station + Photovoltaic Roof\” project is built.The charging station is the largest monomer charging field in Zhangye, and there are 6 direct-flowing piles, and there are 7 exchange charging piles, which can effectively solve the Power of New Energy Vehicles in the G312 National Highway.Roof photovoltaic project, farmers get a roof lease earnings of about 700 yuan a year, and the output of the electric cut farmer can also be delivered to the \”Rainbow Charging Station\” to achieve new energy sources.

One of the largest renewable energy generators in Southeast Asia, Thailand CK Power (CKP) announced that it will add 2.8GW renewable energy power generation, making it doubled in the next three years.And the solar power capacity will increase ten times, reaching 330 mW.Image Source: CK Power This company announced its 2021 record high income yesterday.Strong performance enabled the company to reserve renewable energy investment for renewable energy in 2022.CKP plans to invest most of this fundamental area outside Thailand and predict that 100% renewable energy power generation within five years.