On February 23, the Director of the New Energy and Renewable Energy of the National Energy Administration, Xing Wing Teng in China’s 821, in the 2022 situation, in order to achieve carbon-backed carbon, promote photovoltaic The industry continues to be healthy and high-quality development, causing the powerful support of the industrial chain, I hope everyone will keep in mind the country, and jointly maintain the steady and orderly development of the industrial chain, lay a solid industry foundation for my country. Xing Yi Teng said that this year will start the revision of the distributed photovoltaic power management method this year, and the revision of the distributed photovoltaic power generation management method will further improve the photovoltaic power generation policy management system. In the future, the photovoltaic power generation will usher in a huge development opportunity. According to Xing Yi Teng, the National Energy Administration regards the overall idea of \u200b\u200bthe development of the photovoltaic industry, generally adheres to the development of regional layout, support development with major bases, and leads the development of development to the development of development, to implement the idea of \u200b\u200bdevelopment, and adhere to centralized and distributed Concentrated, in place, in the ground, the delivery and delivery, the electricity utilization and non-electrical utilization, the single variety development and multi-variety complementary, single scene and comprehensive scenes, further promote the broader development of photovoltaic power generation, more The application of the scene, more mode of fusion and higher use. First, vigorously promote photovoltaic base development, actively promote the construction of large wind power photovoltaic bases focusing on desert, Gobi, desert area. General Secretary Xi Jinping attaches great importance to this work, many times in an important international and domestic meeting. On January 24 this year, General Secretary Xi Jinping once again emphasized in the 36th group study of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, to increase the planning and construction of large-scale scenery bases, with its peripheral cleaning and efficient advanced energy-saving coal power Support, a new energy supply and gas supply system for a carrier with a stable and secure and reliable ultimate high voltage transmission. At present, the first batch of about 100 million kW of projects is working in an orderly manner that starts in accordance with mature. Next, we will eventually actively coordinate with relevant departments, ensuring that the base project meets 4 elements, that is, the ecological red line is not involved, and it is closely related to the existing transmission channel, and there is a premise of supporting peak measures. The second is to standardize the development of distributed photovoltaic development, and steadily promote the pilot work of the roof distributed photovoltaic development of the whole county. Supervise all localities in accordance with the \”five do not\” principles to carry out pilot, ensure that pilot work has always maintained the right track and direction, strengthen the supervision of the matter, requires provincial energy competent authorities to standardize development and construction market order, timely handling and correcting pilot work Problems and deviations. To effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of farmers, it is necessary to seriously investigate and punish farmers’ interests in various names, and incorporate the list of bad credit records and faith disciplisms in various places. Recently, we have entrusted the PVD industry association to demonstrate all aspects of the relevant contract demonstration text, which also collected a lot of good opinions. We also ask the association to prepare a household with the relevant backbone. PV 100 asked, establish and improve the relevant standards and normative systems, striveCreate a good and standardized market environment for distributed, especially household photovoltaic development. The third is to innovate various action plans to promote larger quality development of photovoltaic power generation. Through the continuous development of development and application scenarios, the photovoltaic + comprehensive utilization plans, etc., promote the integration development of photovoltaic power generation and construction, agriculture, transportation, communications and other fields. Organize the demonstration of the pilot, promote the higher quality development of photovoltaics, through the photovoltaic gallery, the high proportion of the new photovoltaic battery, to explore the development path that can be copied, and continuously promote the further scale of photovoltaic power generation technology, utilization . Coordinate the development of water-saving integrated base, give full play to the advantages of strong moisture flexibility, strong system support capacity, and use hydropower to send waste, we can strive to create a 100% renewable energy base. The fourth is to continuously strengthen policy supply, and will include our Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to promote a number of policies to introduce new energy and high quality development, and strive to further improve the use of new energy developments such as photovoltaic, and the difficulty problems such as grid access. . Last year, we have been introduced to the photovoltaic power station’s consumption monitoring statistical management method, which also launched amendments to the development and construction management method of the photovoltaic power station, and publicly hangs an online squeezance, and also solves the views of all aspects. It is currently revising and improved. This year We will launch a revised work of distributed photovoltaic power management methods on the basis of completing the revision, further improve the photovoltaic power policy management system. The prospect of the Outlook of the PV power industry in the development of \”145\”, Xing Yi Teng believes that future photovoltaic power generation will usher in huge development opportunities, but we must be awake, and photovoltaic power generation is also facing a lot of challenges, especially 2021. since the manufacturing end collaborative stable contradictions are still quite prominent, the price of PV industry chain up to a certain extent, affected the new PV installed capacity. To this end, it is proposed four points: First, we will jointly maintain the steady development of the photovoltaic industry chain. The industrial chain supply is stable, the price is stable, both the common expectations of the whole industry, also in line with the common interests of the whole industry, each member is responsible for maintenance, I hope everyone will keep in mind the largest and orderly development of the industrial chain. Lay a solid industrial basis for my country’s carbon peak carbon in carbon-up carbon. The second is a market investment environment that works with a good photovoltaic power generation. Current photovoltaic power generation has become the key and hotspots of market investment, and it is also the hot field of public opinion. In particular, the household photovoltaic and the interests of the people are close. At present, some companies have exposed themselves, disorderly competition, and even invading the benefits of ordinary people. , Farmers’ interests, etc., undermine the normal development order of the industry, and have a negative impact on industry images. In order to promote the healthy and high quality development of the industry, I hope that everyone will strengthen the industry self-discipline, operate according to law, and jointly build and maintain good market investment environment and competition order. The third is to adhere to the innovation of scientific and technological, and continue to promote the technical progress of the photovoltaic industry, and the cost is declining. whenFormer new energy has become a focus on the world of countries, competing with competition chasing development areas, who can occupy high in technology innovation, who can get the initial period in the development of industrial development, master the initiative, I hope everyone increases technology innovation To strengthen the technological research of forward-looking subversive, continuously consolidate the leading position of my country’s photovoltaic power generation in the world.The fourth is to persist model innovation and actively cultivate new models.The current photovoltaic power generation application scenario is increasingly wide, and the development model has become more and more rich, and there are many new modes of photovoltaic + agriculture, photovoltaic + charging piles, photovoltaic + ecology, and achieve comprehensive benefits.I hope that everyone will continue to explore new development models, continuously broaden the photovoltaic power generation application scenarios, and further strengthen the development of photovoltaic power generation.