\”There is too much about things, often in hand in hand, and there are six or seven things waiting for you to decision. Especially the order increases, after the production rhythm is accelerated, things will come like a tide.\” Wang Xiang I was smiling, smiled in the reporter, and my face was somewhat helpless, and some excited. As Hefei Xie Xin Jianxin Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as \”Associated Hefei Base\”) Construction Headquarters After work, I will go home, sometimes I can’t take care of it. Wang Xiang told reporters that since the initial production last September, the world-class component factory has entered a busy capacity climbing stage. This year, as domestic and foreign orders such as snow, he and the high management have also entered the state of the axis. This scene is also staged in many other peers in China. The reporter recently visited the survey to investigate a number of photovoltaic industrial chains. Whether it is the upstream silicon material, the silicon wafer is still downstream of battery, component, or inverter, auxiliary material, all over the industry chain, full order, and the operating rate does not fall. This will write a good start for this year’s photovoltaic industry, but can be depends on a few major variables according to the script – Silicon price, overseas epidemic, international trade relations … Component orders are completely The growth rate of production growth rate is more than 50% here. It was once the battlefield of Wei Wu hegemony during the Three Kingdoms. It is also a \”birthmaker as Sun Zhongmou\”. Nowadays, it has become the main battle of PV enterprises, and the new energy talents gathered. Hefei, the bottom gas that has been competed in the new energy. Xie Xin, Tongwei, Jingke, Jing Australia … A famous industry giant is a pile, not to say that the retrograde of the sunshine power supply of the stool is growing up for many years. In Hefei City, Hefei City, Hefei Circular Economic Demonstration Park, there are two paved roads – Shichi Road and Si Po Mountain Road. The Hefei base is located in the interface of these two roads. At 2 o’clock in the afternoon, the stone pool road on the door of the base was full of various colors, and he couldn’t see the end. \”There is a part of the employee’s car, because the employees of the new recruit are too much, there is no way to stop in the factory. There is also part of the business or inquiry.\” Wang Xiang told reporters that only 500 in the factory last September The people are about 2,000 people now. Since the beginning of this year, the production line has always been in full production. The Spring Festival holiday is not intended to stop working, but the employee is required to rest and rest for two days, which leads to only a few days of reach, \”Because the delivery date is in the line two days.\” According to Jindin integration, the company should create a total production capacity of up to 60 GW, a total investment of 18 billion yuan, and a supporting project industry base. After the entire project is built, the scale or the world’s largest. The reporter saw in the production workshop of the No. 1, the scene was busy, the automatic intelligent pipeline was running at high speed, and a row of robot wavily waved in the air, and a fork car contained a finished product. Workers’ wind and fire, quickly swim in various workersIn order to monitor the various graphics data on the dashboard. According to reports, processing a component requires more than 30 ways, cut from the battery, glass and EVA, welding, row plate, lamination, cutting, frame, assembly box, curing, test, distribution to packaging, etc. Most of these steps have been automated, which causing some people to see people. \”There is no problem in demand. We are produced according to orders, and the recruits have been in progress. A week will be a few tens of people. At present, there is a month. At present, the staff in the workshop on the first workshop are full. Equipment in the workshop on the workshop has been entered from the factory. At the end of April, it will be full of production. 3 workshop planned in April, in the third or fourth quarter. \”The deputy general command of the production of Hefei Base was told reporters, just starting a production line. Class can only do dozens of pieces, and then do one or two hundred pieces, then come to 2000, recently, there is a class, even 2100 pieces. Because it is a piece of metal, there is a production bonus in employee income. When the production capacity is mentioned in 2000 from 1000 pieces, their production bonus can double. With the emergence of full production trends, the adsorption of talents is also stronger. \”There is a good job after entering the job, but also introduces more than a dozen people into the factory.\” Wu Jianwen expects that by the end of this year, the capacity of Hefei base can reach 15 GW. \”Now the order is completely unspeakable. If you don’t have, we all let it go.\” Wang Xiang said. This situation is not a case. According to the information feedback from the photovoltaic enterprises, since January this year, the average operating rate of domestic component links has been raised from 50% to 60% to 70%, and the absolute value of the emission absolute value is more than 20%. \”Since this year, the company’s extension is indeed very good, the starting rate is always close to 100%.\” \u200b\u200bA high-managed executive of Tianhe Lights recently said in an interview with a reporter. According to the global authoritative photovoltaic analysis agency PV InfoLink, Tianhe light energy continues to ship the world’s shipments last year. \”Since this year, our capacity utilization and starting rate have maintained a high level, which has a large increase over the same period last year. The company’s order is full.\” Qian Jing, vice president of Jingke Energy, said that Jingke Energy has always maintained very High starting rate, and the company’s annual sales target guidelines are conserved. There are industry insiders, and the components faucet have a lot of orders in a quarter of this year, and it is expected to be flat than the same year, and the growth rate is expected to exceed 50%. The inverter is not filled in the late year, the peak is produced as the \”heart\” of the photovoltaic system, and the inverter link is also conducted in this round of industry. The reporter came to the Sunshine Power Industry Park located in Hefei High-tech Zone, wearing a special anti-static service, hat and shoe cover, and then passed through the wind and shower, and entered the dust-free group string. Machine assembly workshop (hereinafter referred to as \”group string shop\”). In the group string shop, the workers and robots are in order to divide, busy, a piece of PCBA board, structural member, electric machine, etc., the electric machine, etc., and eventually become a set of stringed inverters to be released. Compared with the component workshop, there are people on each production line.For more, one or two workers wearing white or gray work clothes are meticulously assembled, and there are several people wearing a blue worker to travel, from time to time to stop in front of some stations or instruments. Step. A person in charge of the group skewers told reporters that there were 6 flow lines in the workshop, 25 stations per line. Normal is a post, but due to the increase in orders, demand is strong, and recently recruit a lot of new people entering the factory less than one week (white work clothes), they need to receive training guidance on the edge of the old employee (gray work service). It is a technician who wears a blue work service. \”This year’s orders are more than in previous years, plus subsequent expansion relocation, leading to greater delivery, the production plan is appropriate.\” The person in charge said, \”The busy time is earlier in previous years. At the beginning of last year, we always The number of people is more than 400, and it has been close to 600 people during this year. It has reached the peak of the previous year. \”The vice president of Sunshine Power supply, Dongchiyang Yang told reporters that the company’s capacity is much better than last year. Because of the PV, the year is the industry’s traditional off-season, and from the current situation, the market is very strong in January, and the order of the inverter is more, including the ground, distributed and household use. \”Overall, the entire industry is not light season in the first quarter, there will be a good growth.\” Lu Yang said that as of the end last year, the company’s inverter production capacity is 90 GW, this year plans to expand 40 GW 50 GW 50 GW . The auxiliary material order is full of capacity utilization. It is more than 100% as for the auxiliary materials. The reporter learned that many leading enterprises continue to produce, only partial rounds. At present, the backplane, the film, etc. The faucet is full of production, the orders of the King Kong enterprise are not connected, and the technical reform expansion, the photovoltaic glass faucet is degraded. \”We have more than 100% of the capacity utilization of backplanes in January, and many orders are too late to do. The production capacity utilization rate of February is 100%.\” \u200b\u200bWu Xiaoping, chairman of the domestic backplane and film faucet enterprise Saiwu Technology, said that the company The order is generally more than 50% higher than the same period last year. Compared with December last year, the demand for film and backplanes in January and February this year were significantly increased. Wu Xiaoping believes that the absolute value of the demand for the backplane this year should also rise slightly, depending on the promotion of the double glass components. Since last year, the share of the double-glass assembly is not so fast before everyone, because the distributed needs of the double-glass components relatively less. With the rise of domestic distributed markets, the demand for the backplane will be pulled. Saiwu technology expects that the company’s backplane shipments can reach 200 million square meters this year. The King Kong Leading Some Shares said recently, has successfully implemented the \”single 12-wire\” technology upgrade, the production efficiency is 33% from the original \”single nine line\”. The company plans to implement \”single-line 12\” technical reform of the existing 578 production lines. It is expected to complete the technical transformation of all of the above production lines before the end of June 2022, corresponding to the annual production capacity of over 23 million kilometers. In another Diamang Line, Duler New Materials said in the survey that the company’s Diamang line production is still 24 hours of operation, and the order is full. Company equipment investment has been1 million kilometers / month, follow-up will be determined according to the customer’s cooperation, and the expansion cycle is 3 months to 5 months. The amount of increase is based on the guarantee of the customer’s full order, which has both the cost of the core customer orders, and there is also an increase in emerging customer orders. It is the first source of unfinished projects that have not completed the project in the third year of last year, in the industry. \”The indicators of many domestic parity projects are 2 years ago, requiring the end of 2021 to be grid. To this end, many projects choose at least one in the end of last year, so that the indicators will be retained, after all, the price of the price is still very Ok. \”Lu Yang explained this wave of replenishment. He believes that another reason why the market demand in this year is the robbery of India and other overseas markets. India has to collect 40% of tariffs on imported components on April 1, and 25% tariffs should be levied on imported batteries. For this year’s 10 GW market, everyone is grabbing, but it is necessary to run in March, and must be completely cleared before April 1, which is pulled a part of short-term needs. Wu Jianwen revealed that the company’s current overseas orders come from India. In the view of Qian Jing, the company’s exclusive project is mainly legacy or extension project last year, and some are overseas, such as India’s grab orders. Since most of the customer experience last year’s market style, it has begun to accept the fact that raw materials rise, so it is no longer, causing demand to gradually restore normal beats. \”The market in China has not started. Recently, the price of silicon is also rising. The component manufacturers don’t dare to stock. At present, the client is more tangled in March.\” Wu Xiaoping said at least the whole quarter, the same year Have rising. The above-mentioned Tianshe light energy consider that this year’s reasons have a high reasons in the fourth quarter of last year, the price of raw materials has declined, and the supply chain is relieved, and the industry installed demand will gradually pick up. In addition, the demand for Europe and Asia Pacific is also rapid. The foreground silicon price determines that the industry trend PV industry is booming, how will the whole year? Most of the insiders interviewed by journalists still spend cautious, thinking about the trend of silicon prices. \”This is a phased problem. By the end of 2022, the silicon production capacity will expand from 600,000 tons from the beginning of the year to 1.9 million tons. The average annual output of 900,000 tons will be produced to meet the 280 GW components. And the whole 2022 Global installed installed is expected to be 200 Gevas to 220 GM. The corresponding component needs are 240 GW to 260 GM. The price of silicon is stable this year 200 yuan / kg this year, will drop to 100 yuan / kg next year, corresponding The price of the component is 1.3 yuan to 1.4 yuan per watt. \”A veteran of an industry said to the reporter. Lu Yang believes that the overall supply and demand balance this year, and there will be excess silicon at the end of the year, and will be more comprehensive next year. He expects that the industry will be very good in the first quarter, in the second quarter is the needs of market natural growth, mainly to see components and silicon prices. If the price of silicon is not reduced, the second quarter will be more difficult, become lightSeason, \”So, pay attention to the price of silicon\”. Wu Xiaoping said that the judgment of the industry is listening to the downstream customers. \”This year’s global installed 200 GW to 220 GM expectations, I think it is basically the same. There is a saying that will be 280 GW, I don’t think it is, mainly because the price of silicon is too high, and some international The restrictions between trade and the influence of the epidemic. \”Wu Xiaoping said. In Wang Xiang’s view, as long as the upstream prices are no longer as sharp as it last year, component manufacturers can maintain a better business situation. Wu Jianwen revealed that it is not all the production lines of all component companies this year, and the industry capacity is actually slightly over. \”At present, silicon materials, silicon wafers, glass and other raw material capacity will gradually expand, the supply status will be more and more relaxed, the price of raw materials will also decline. It is expected that the cost of raw material will decline in 2023. \”Tiao light energy executives said. It is worth noting that the nearest silicon, silicon market price has increased slight increase. In this regard, Qian Jing said that this is still short-term fluctuations. In the past year, the price of silicon is still stabilized, and it will not rise to a big rose. Because most large projects overseas have been parked, if the price is too high, the economic account will not come back, the investors will give up. \”The overall demand in the whole year will rise steadily. If the price is stable, the market demand is still optimistic, don’t worry. The only risk is the price of the sea.\” Qian Jing said. Will the variable shipping cost and exchange rate fluctuate? Industry Senior people revealed reporters that in the export cost of the entire photovoltaic product, the comparison of shipping costs have been climbed from the original point to the current three points. The impact on the entire profit can reach two or three points, no longer Large. \”The high shipping fee is mainly because of the epidemic. The whole capacity is enough, but not fully released. Now everyone is crowded in the port, when do not line up, it should be good.\” Lu Yang also mentioned the risk of sea freight . In addition, the RMB exchange rate also brings uncertainties to export-oriented photovoltaic companies. \”Our overseas delivery is over half, the RMB unidirectional appreciation, which has some effects on us. Although some hedging tools, there is still an impact.\” Lu Yang said. In his view, the above problem will slowly get better in 2022: sea freight will decline sharply, and the RMB exchange rate may not continue to appreciate one-way. At the 23rd, the photovoltaic industry was held in 2021 and the 2022 situation premises online seminar. Wang Bohua, the honorary chairman of China PV industry, predicted that 2022 years to 2025, the average annual new plug-in increase in photovoltaic in the world reached 232 Watt to 286 GW this year is expected to reach 195 GW to 240 GW. \”As for the situation in China’s new optical, it is expected that this year can reach 75 GW to 90 GW this year, and the average annual new plug-in from 2022 to 2025 will reach 83 GW 99 GM. This is more than last year. Prediction has improved. \”Wang Bohua said. PV InfoLink expects that the Chinese market has a scale of 65 GW this year to 75 GW. Among them, the whole county promoted the policy to be more mature after maturity.Large projects in the roof market, desert and other regions have begun to advance in phases, which will greatly pull the overall demand of the Chinese market.Conservative estimation, global components will increase by nearly 24% this year to reach the level of 214 GW.The institution believes that the overall demand of the industry will follow the cost of formation of materials and components and the actual demand, such as the prices of PV, downstream industrial chain products can restore reasonable intervals, can support components output of 230 GW 240 GW, expectThe annual demand is expected to fall between 210 GW to 226 GW.