On February 22nd, the National Development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Bureau jointly released the \”14th Five-Year\” new energy storage development implementation plan (hereinafter referred to as \”program\”) according to the development plan and goal of the program requirements, \”to 2025, new type The system cost of the energy storage is reduced by more than 30%, which will enter the scale development stage by the initial stage of commercial development. By 2030, the new storage is fully marketized. \”01, lithium battery index technology is no longer the only choice of new energy storage Refers to the storage capacity other than the pumping energy, which is mainly chemical, but also contains some physical energy storage. According to the content of the implementation, it is not difficult to find that this country should expand the energy storage technology, and pay special attention to the lithium-ion battery energy in the past, and the embodiments of the sodium ion battery are in a lithium ion. In front of the battery, different techniques such as lead charcoal batteries, liquid flow batteries, hydrogen (ammonia), compressed air storage can be added. For different energy storage technology, the state’s attitude is clear, that is, \”Who is on\”, on the one hand, to ensure advanced nature and autonomy of new energy storage technology, on the other hand, to ensure the overall safety of the energy storage. That is to say, the lithium ion battery is no longer the only choice for new energy projects such as wind power, photovoltaic, and some cost-effective energy storage batteries may be applied in new energy power generation projects such as wind power, photovoltaics. In particular, the current lithium battery price has skyrocketed, the price of lithium batteries has increased high. At this time, the policy is issued, just alleviating the cost of new energy power generation owners to equipped with the cost of energy. Not only that, the program also passes through the form of demonstration projects, and the different energy storage technology has landing opportunities. In different demonstration projects, comprehensively assess the applicable scenes, comprehensive costs, etc. of different energy storage technology, in the process of project demonstration In the case of the collected and assessment of related data and improve the scale development of subsequent new energy storage. In addition, various different energy storage technology will also combine with the energy network of different time periods in the process of doing demonstration projects, and test the peak and frequency modulation capabilities of different energy storage technology, especially some similar to Compressed air energy storage, hydrogen storage can be significantly focused, long-term energy storage types will be focused. International Energy Network (WeChat Public Number: INENCOM) learned that at the end of 2020, my country’s lithium-ion battery storage capacity is as high as 88.8%, lead storage capacity is 10.2%, and the liquid flow battery is only 0.7%, compressed air storage. The proportion is lower, only 0.03%. It is expected that in the excitation of the implementation, the lithium battery in the electrochemical energy storage will change. 02, power supply side, grid side, user side storage multi-pronged my country’s development of China’s energy storage industry is in an imbalance in a long time, power supply side storage is supported by policy, with user side reserves Compared to the more economical, the usage of user-side energy storage is higher than the top. According to Zhongguancun Energy Alliance Data Power supply side, grid sideThe development imbalance problem of user side energy will be relieved due to the release of the scheme. This program proposes: \”Focusing new energy storage is available on the power side, grid side, user-side applications, selecting a number of new energy storage pilot demonstration projects, combined with different application scenarios to formulate differentiated support policies.\” It can be seen, first The country should have a differentiated policy in the field of policy support, rather than more focused on power-side energy storage. In addition, the program also proposes: \”Increase the development of the new energy storage side of the power supply side; develop the new energy storage of the electrical network due to local preliminary development; flexible development of user-side new energy storage.\” Solution for power supply side, grid side and user side storage The modifier can also be seen from the country’s development attitude toward energy in different ports. Increase the intensive development of the new energy storage of power supply is to carry out a batch of wind power and photovoltaic base projects with my country. Because new energy will take the main force of my country’s power, it is necessary to increase the installation, build large wind power photovoltaic bases in the ridicity of the northwest, and equipped with the corresponding size of the new energy storage system, which is essential for my country’s energy structure adjustment. For the power grid side energy storage, four words are selected for the local conditions, which fully reflects the flexibility of the program. Because my country’s power grid is different, the economic development of the southeast coast, the power grid load pressure is large, the adjustment and scheduling difficulty is also relatively large, and the economy of the northwestern region is underdeveloped, the grid adjustment is relatively small, so it does not \”cut\” in the policy, Because the power supply of the power grid is different, there is also a difference in electricity demand for all provinces, so it is necessary to develop electrical network side energy storage due to local safety, as long as the local grid adjustment needs, avoid wasting energy storage resources. And for user side storage, \”flexible and diverse\” four words are used. Compared to the top two, user-side energy storage is more powerful, explored and selectable. So users can configure new energy storage based on optimizing business models and system operating modes. In short, it is to use electricity requirements, but also pay equal payments for this, the corresponding energy storage can have better profits in new business models. Moreover, in the field of user side energy storage, the program proposes two-way interactive intelligent charge and discharge technologies for the shift electrical facilities, electric vehicles. That is to say, user-side storage can participate in the power grid adjustment, electric vehicles are also important options for energy storage peaks. In the peak of electricity, electric vehicles can transmit electricity to grid through intelligent charge and discharge equipment, and will be operated for power grids. A layer of protection. 03, shared storage can ushered in the new opportunities \”shared reservoir\” business model to fully consider the needs of all parties. For new energy companies, the construction cost of new energy supporting energy storage is reduced, saving the daily operation and maintenance cost of energy storage facilities, and the future can fully enjoy the power supply of the grid side energy storage peak price difference. The programs released on this release have resigned exploring the promotion of shared reservoirs in the exploration of new storage capacity, and there is a major advantage to the new model of sharing storage. International Energy Network (WeChat Public Number: Inncom) found that in 2022, in Inner Mongolia, Zhejiang issued guidance,It is proposed to build a shared energy storage, research and establish a cost counted mechanism for the establishment of replacement energy storage facilities, and excite new energy power generation side energy storage projects. Last year, the nine provinces in Henan, Shandong, Qinghai, Inner Mongolia, and Hebei, etc. have been introduced in Henan, Shandong, Qinghai, Inner Mongolia and Hebei Province. Under policy support and market demand, the shared storage is fully concerned. It is reported that there are currently 84 shared memory modules in my country have passed the record or publicity, mainly distributed in 9 provinces and regions including Inner Mongolia, Hubei, Shanxi, Ningxia, Gansu, with a total scale of more than 1200 kilowatts / 2400 kWh. The size of a single project is also getting bigger and bigger, and the power requirements are getting higher and higher, and there are currently 7 shared projects to reach 1 million kilowatts. The program introduced, proposing the \”Pilot Building Associated Exchange Trading Platform and Operation Monitoring System\” will be paved for the quantitative assessment of shared energy storage, and different owners can sell or purchase energy storage in sharing storage trading platform according to the situation. Operating monitoring systems can also be more reasonable to make a good judgment for the cost of the accommodation, reducing the friction between enterprises. The release of the program can be said to add a firewood for the development of sharing energy, so that the entire industry is constantly warming. 04, the new energy industry welcomes four major changes due to wind power, photovoltaic fluctuations, long-term faces, new energy power generations have been relatively low. In 2016, there was an industry profession. Directance to renewable energy in 2020, it should accounted for 27% of total power generation, but the actual situation is that in 2021, my country’s new energy power generation is only 11%. Hao Yingjie, Secretary-General of China Electric Power Enterprise, held at the \”2021-2022 National Power Supply and Demand Analysis Prediction Report\”, held in the beginning of this year: \”It is expected to be at the end of 2022, my country’s full-diameter generated installed capacity will reach around 26 billion kWh. Among them, the non-fossil energy generator has a total of 1.3 billion kilowatts, which is expected to reach half of the scale size of the total assembly machine. \”To achieve the above objectives, large-capacity wind power, photovoltaic, large-capacity energy storage and low cost CCUS and other technological innovation must be indivior . The program issued at this time happens to solve the pain points of the new energy industry, so the new energy industry will bring changes. International Energy (WeChat Public Number: INENCOM) believes that the program is introduced, first giving new energy storage strong support in various ways, technical and talent training, will make new energy storage demonstration projects in a short period of construction Through the verification of these demonstration projects, some new storage technology will achieve breaking, the cost and application scope will expand, so that new energy and new energy storage cooperative relationships are more close; secondly, the new energy storage system costs decline It will also make new energy + energy storage integration development, more and more popular, because the new energy storage system cost reduction will also make a number of new energy + energy storage project return on investment has improved, thus attracting more Many investments enter new energy sector; in addition, the size development of new energy storage will also successfully drive new energy power generation projects.It is expected that the allocation ratio of the new storage capacity will be further improved, and it may be raised from 5% to 10% before, and it is increased to about 40%.Conservative estimation, by 2025, in the power generation side, the new storage capacity is about 13.6GW / 36.2GWH; the new energy storage capacity of the grid side is about 1.9GW / 1.3GWH, the user side reservoir installed capacity is about 1.2GW / 5GWH;The enthusiasm of the user side involved in the energy storage is improved, and ultimately, my country’s electricity system has a large decrease in the carbon emissions of China’s power system.