With the increasing number of grid neck problems in the Netherlands, the opportunity to build photovoltaic facilities here will be reduced. Picture: Liander Dutch Power and Natural Gas Supplier Liander – Service Scope covers Sidellan and North Holland Province, and some areas of Flefland, Friesland and South Holland – announcement, Friesland and Ge There have been new grid bottlenecks in Dellan, and the two provinces have reached the maximum grid capacity. The company issued a statement that \”our research shows that congestion management here does not solve the problem.\” Lian also invited developers of large power plants in the region to immediately contact their experts to seek advice, while said: \”Even if there is still capacity Regions, we also recommend requesting expansion when appropriate. Lian’s unable to ensure long-term capacity. \”Netherlands and regional electricity and natural gas network operator associations Netbeheer Nederland updated the congestion map of high pressure and medium voltage grids. The Netherlands Transmission System Operator (TSO) Tennet has recently drawn an interactive online map showing the most congestive area of \u200b\u200bthe grid. In the past two years, Liander has implemented many measures in multiple regions in the Netherlands to increase grid capacity, which are restricted by power grid and thus hinders more network of renewable energy power plants. Specific measures include deploying two large transformers and implement grid bottleneck congestion management.