Azure Power Global Limited said its headquarters 600 MW solar power projects in Rajasthan has been refinuppantly financing with the lowest interest rates in its portfolio to date. The company states that the company has successfully financing its existing 2.35 billion rupees ($ 313 million) project financing financing funds, used to build its largest project – 600 MW by Azure Power forty-three private limited Interstate transmission system connects solar projects. The solar project has been completed, according to the company’s statement, this is the largest solar project with a single developer in a single location. It was fully put into use in December last year, just two months away. According to the 25-year contract signed with the government entity, the large solar park produces electricity to the Indian Solar Company (SECI) in the fixed price of 2.53 rupees per kW. Azure Power added, refinancing has been completed at 7.2% of the year. This interest rate is 42 months of fixed interest rates, which is the minimum Rubili ratio of any project financing loan for Azure Power existing portfolio. It is reported that L  T Finance Limited has served as exclusive underwriters of the refinancing loans. Pawan Kumar Agrawal said, although the project has not been commissioned, the rebellion of the original regular loan is one of the highest priorities of the company. Pavan Kumar said: \”The loan will significantly save interest costs and will significantly improve the internal rate of income of the project.\” He added, \”the reaction of the credit market allows us to overwhelmed, this basically reflects the loan people to us. Strong corporate governance standards, operational capabilities and credit foundation confidence. \”Saur Energy reported that Azure Power has signed a 400 MW mixed project with the main ECCOPIA company of Israel. Azure Power is one of the key participants in India to provide sustainable energy solutions and renewable energy.