In order to continue to play the role of the village of the photovoltaic project, increase the collective economic income, continue to promote the precision and help, the party committee of the West River Township is actively doing a good job in PV Supply and helps rural residence. First, do a good job in power station. Set the photovoltaic power plant management, sign the management agreement, stipulate the job responsibilities, and the photovoltaic tube care for photovoltaic caremen will be issued per month. At the same time, the township effect department and the revitalization station organized staff in the country’s 25 photovoltaic power stations in the country, and found the problem of photovoltaic power station in various villages. The relevant issues were notified and the restricted rectification, and the results Incorporating the seasonal performance assessment of the country, ensuring that the operation of the photovoltaic station is in place, and play economic benefits. The second is to improve the allocation plan. At present, 13 villages in Xihekou have developed 2022 village-level photovoltaic income distribution programs through democratic appraisal processes. Strictly enforce in the spirit of superiors, and the photovoltaic gain is mainly used for public welfare posts and is not less than 60%. Part of the village can be used in the construction of small public welfare undertakings in the village. The surplus revenue is used to condolence the old and weak and depletion of the poverty or reward advanced, the photovoltaic income distribution plan is a long-term publicity of the public column in the village, accepting the supervision of the masses. The third is a strict job development program. According to the own characteristics and requirements of the photovoltaic public welfare position, we will strictly regulate the development procedures. By issuing recruitment announcements, the masses are independently registered, convene the two counters and village representatives, list publicity, etc., according to the labor capacity of the household , Employment is willing, combined with the actual work of each village, reasonably set employment public welfare positions to ensure scientific job. Through employment, the endogenous motivation of depleted households is encouraged to encourage the poverty poverty to actively participate in labor income.