The California Public Utility Committee (CPUC) unanimously ratified the $ 25.5GW renewable energy and 15GW energy storage in California, with a fee of $ 49 billion. On February 10, CPUC approved these programs. According to the plan, California will increase 18883mW large ground solar energy, 6700MW wind energy, 14751MW battery energy storage, and 1000MW demand response resources. The total cost of these resources will reach 49.3 billion US dollars, and the corresponding level of electricity is 18.6 cents / kWh. It is planned to pass the 2032 35 million metric tons (38 million metric tons) in 2032, which is more stringent than the 46 million metric gadgets before before. If the target is achieved, the proportion of renewable resources in the power structure of the renewable resource in the country will reach 73%. CPUC said that only the minimum upgrade, California’s power transmission system can accommodate the new Solar capacity CPUC Commissioner CLIFFORD Rechtschaffen, \u0026 quot; Today’s decision provides a direction for the unprecedented new clean energy for the purchase quantity. It allows us to continue to advance on the road to achieving ambitious clean energy goals of California, and also ensuring the reliability of the system. \u0026 quot; CPUC, preliminary analysis shows, \u0026 quot; existing transmission system has sufficient space to accommodate all of these new resources, only need to perform a limited transmission upgrade in 2032; large battery energy storage project is determined as an alternative to transmission upgrades This is less cost to taxpayers. \u0026 quot; In the 2022-2023 transmission planning process, California Independent System Operators (CAISO) will verify this discovery on a finer level. \u0026 quot; At the beginning of this month, Caiso released a report, and CPUC participated in the preparation of the report. According to the report, in order to accommodate 53GW solar photovoltaics entering the grid in 2045, California will need to carry out $ 30. billion investment in its transmission system. Image Source: CPUC At the same time, CPUC decided to postpone the decision of the revised California net metering legal amendments indefinitely, called NEM 3.0’s plan. Research institutions Wood Mackenzie warned that these changes raised by CPUC in December 2021 will seriously damage the value of California’s household photovoltaic, and will cut half of the California solar market.