Up to now, the Hunter-Central Coast renewable energy zone (REZ) of Australian New South Wales (NSW) has received nearly 40GW applications. NSW is very strong in clean energy. According to a statement of the NSW government, 24 solar projects, 35 large battery energy storage systems, 8 pumping energy storage projects and 20 wind power stations have about 100 billion AA (US $ 71.7 billion). The NSW government said: \”These projects are added to the annual renewable energy, which is equivalent to the annual production capacity of up to 10 coal power stations.\” This latest announcement is released after the Novan Wales Southwest REZ bidding . The Southwest Rez tender received more than 34GW solar energy, wind energy and energy storage program, more than 10 times more expected. In Australia, especially in New South Wales, people have very strong interest in renewable energy districts. Most bids in most renewable energy regions will exceed the amount of Australia, especially in NSW, and Rez has proven to be very limited by solar development. The merchant welcomes, these developers want to use a simplified grid-network process and other alleged benefits. In August 2021, another bidding of NSW attracted 34GW programs, showing more than 4 times more excess bidding. The bidding of the entire Orana Midwest, New England and the southwestern part attracted a 95GW bidding program. Matt Kean, Minister of Finance Minister, Australia, said: \”With the closure of traditional coal-fired power plants in the next few decades, Rez is critical to ensuring NSW reliable, and the burden of future electricity is critical.\” CENTRAL COAST Secretary ADAM Crouch said: \u0026 quot; Rez will not only attract investments in clean energy, but also support the development of new low-carbon industries, such as green hydrogen, synthetic ammonia and metal production, which are needed in the process of demand carbon. \”Hunter-Central Coast Solutions Dave Layzell said that\” excellent renewable energy resources can be utilized to use power transmission, transportation and port infrastructure and skilled workers, \”Hunter-Central CoaSt District has become an ideal place for establishing Rez\” \”.NSW Energy Co., Ltd. is a statutory body controlled by the state government. It is currently planning the early stage of Hunter-Central Coast Rez. This institution also uses this bidding for Hunter-Central Coast Rez time, capacity and Reference information in the border. According to the NSW government’s powerway map bill, Hunter-Central Coast Rez is expected to be officially declared in 2022.